Petros Advisors work with clients to map strategy and identify key resources.  The right catalyst for a project may be a strategic channel partner, a non-traditional capital source such as tax credit equity or economic development incentives, or something else. Petros Advisors offers expertise to clients ranging from large insurance companies to entrepreneur-owners, state agencies to hospital systems, for-profits and not-for-profits alike.

As part of its work, Petros Advisors designs efficient capital structures.  Specifically, the firm identifies and monetizes available tax credits and other options to help “equitize” projects with attractive, non-traditional capital.

When used properly, these incentives can serve as a key piece of the capital stack. They can expand the credit available for a private transaction. For non-profits, credits structured by Petros can represent a major gift-equivalent for their capital campaigns from a non-traditional “donor”. For entrepreneur-owners, these incentives allow them to realize growth plans while lowering the cost of capital. For government agencies, understanding how to utilize and monetize tax credits for investments or fund formation is a valuable economic development tool.