Investment Strategy


  • Provides leadership, knowledge and capital,
  • Strategically tailors the terms and structure of each investment,
  • Seeks to invest in high-growth, cash flow positive companies,
  • Brings strong working relationships to each investment.

Leadership and portfolio — We use our own funds and/or our investment partners’ funds. Our investments are typically structured as senior mezzanine debt, and, in select opportunities, as preferred equity investments. We strategically match the needs of each portfolio company, focusing on growth and expansion capital opportunities.

Investment strategy — We seek to invest in high-growth, cash flow positive companies that have the potential for significant value creation over a three-to-five year investment horizon. We typically invest in lower middle-market companies that need growth capital for expansion opportunities.

Relationships — Our success hinges on building long-term working relationships with companies, their management and shareholders, and our investors. We seek to work with companies led by people who share our values.

Investment Funds — In addition to access to other capital sources for investments nationwide, Petros has raised seven state-specific investment funds to date in: Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, Oregon and Wyoming.

Please click here for further information on the following investment fund:
Petros Connecticut Fund and Petros Wyoming Fund